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Advantages as a member


Continued strong student influence:
Through your membership in our Student Union we can continue to act as a strong voice for the students.

Education quality:
As a student and a member you receive help in questions regarding your rights and the quality on your education. You can at any time contact our Student Watch about any problem considering your courses or your program where you feel the quality is not up to par. If you feel like you have been mistreated by anyone at DSV you can also contact our Student Safety who will act in your stead in negotiations or contact teachers or students in your stead.

Student Union ID and benefits:
The digital member card works as both student union and student ID and gives you access to several local and national discounts (for example SL for those who study 75% or more). If you want a physical card you can order one at

Student Union life:
Our Student Union offers a lot of different activities with everything from reception of new students, muschroom picking, LANs, seatings, corporate events and much more.